Brandeis University

Admissions print


When Brandeis University decided to rethink its recruitment materials, its charge to us was crystal-clear: do something radically different. So we turned the whole idea of an admissions viewbook on its head, moving away from standard brochure-style fare to an editorial-driven magazine. Spreads typically dedicated to academics, student life, and athletics were replaced by feature stories, profiles, and unexpected sidebars that highlight everything from Brandeis students fighting for immigrant rights, to faculty exploring the neuroscience of gummy bears (true!), to tips and tricks for finding a life-changing bowl of pho. The result? A piece that provides the kind of dynamic, authentic, and unvarnished stories that resonate with sophisticated, media-savvy post-Millennials.

You know, the kind of kids that every school is looking to reach.


“My biggest heartbreak is when you have someone who’s been [in the U.S.] for 20 years, did everything by the book, working, doing well for themselves, and there’s no path to citizenship for them.”


innovation is not just technology, but application of technology. Innovation is bringing together disparate ideas — the future of neuroscience is in multidisciplinary work.

No bones about it - Moody Street in Waltham is a foodie’s paradise. From upper-crust Cuban to authentic Pho, there’s a culinary treasure for every palette – all just down the street from Brandeis.