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Need a little nosh? Put down that sugar-coated granola bar and reach for a yuso onigiri. These triangle-shaped, sushi-esque bites are delectably nutritious and all the rage in Japan, but the Boston entrepreneur bringing them stateside knew that she’d need a distinctive name and identity to make a mark in the oversaturated US snack market. Simple yet memorable, the name yuso (meaning “to transport” in Japanese) and its tagline, “Yum on the run,” positions the snack as a easy-to-eat option for people on the go. yuso is currently available in establishments throughout New England. Look for it in a snack case near you.

Creative partner : Moth Design



It’s crunch time: YUSo onigiri is the savory, satisfying, Japanese-inspired snack. It’s the on-the-go, delectable treat with crunch on the outside, yum on the inside.




Nosh with a conscience: YUSo is made with additive-free Japanese nori, non-gmo California-grown sushi rice, and premium seeds and seasonings.