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Brand Positioning + Content Strategy + Content Development


Developing a brand from scratch is in itself a formidable task. Try doing it for an educational institution that doesn’t exist yet: no students, no faculty, and barely a campus. And so was thecharge for Bath Spa School of Business + Entrepreneurship. In collaboration with Moth Design, our team developed a strong brand messaging platform, as well as content for the university’s marketing materials and digital communications. Deliverables for the newbie university included a search piece to attract and engage students, a 16-page guidebook, and an online presence where students can learn, interact, and apply.

Creative Partner: Moth Design


At the School of Business Entrepreneurship (SBE), we know that the entrepreneurial spirit isn't something that can be taught; it's something that's already inside you.


Entrepreneurship. It's about having an idea so great, so extraordinary, that no one believes it can happen. Until you prove them wrong.