Race against the machine


Messaging + Web + Print


As co-directors of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee are leading the conversation on how people and organizations can thrive in an era of profound digital transformation. The Initiative sought our help to articulate the value of its mission and vision to donors, academia, and industry. Following months of extensive discovery—including stakeholder interviews, peer benchmarking, and other qualitative research—our team produced a robust messaging platform to promote IDE’s mission and products. The platform, which includes brand pillars, key qualities, positioning, and other messaging, informed our work on a new website, research briefs, an annual report, and a messaging guide for MIT’s development team.

Creative partner : Alphabetica Design



No other initiative or center in the world is exploring the effects of the digital economy with the same determination, focus, perspective, or purpose as the IDE.




Ultimately, our mission is one of hope: There is great opportunity for humans to thrive and prosper in the digital revolution.